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How to stake in the farm
As a vault user on Eleven Finance, your rewards don't stop with auto-compounding LP gains. You are also eligible to farm as well, to earn ELE rewards. Please note due to the small ELE emission rate and high number of farming pools, ELE emissions are very low at present. As a result the cost to enter these farming positions may not be worthwhile given gas costs for smaller amounts. If you wish to do this, lets use our WEX-BNB example we've been using throughout. We got to this stage in the 'How to stake in a vault' section.
To stake in the farm we need to approve Eleven Finance to move our tokens into the farming contract. We select and confirm the transaction but using the 'Approve' button. This changes our button to 'Stake'.
Selecting this, selecting the amount we want to stake in the popup and confirming the transaction moves our tokens to 'Staked' in the farm.
Now we can see our tokens are both deposited in the vault and staked in the farm. We will continue to grow our WEX-BNB wLPs through compounding. This will be reflected in our 'staked' value (7.4333) growing (we can see it's already grow slightly in doing this demo!). We also see the ELE we have earnt grow on the right hand side. We can harvest this at any time and the ELE will be transferred to our wallet, by selecting the harvest button.
You can add more LP's to your position at any time, by simply adding more to your wallet and going through the same process. There is no need to adjust your existing position.
Exiting the vault and farm is simply 'unwinding' the process used to enter. Unstake from farm, then withdraw from vault. This will give you our underlying LP's or single asset (if you are in a single asset staked vault)
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