Farming explained
A key part of distributing ELE tokens to our Eleven Finance community, is the inclusion of farming rewards for those using our platform. These rewards will run for a year from launch aiming to distribute 4,950,000 ELE over this time.
Vault users can stake specific “11” tokens (granted from using the vaults) in the MasterChef contract, using the ‘Farming’ tab on our website. This will allow users to not only earn great yield in vaults but add to this with the ELE token.
Farming rewards are distributed as follows:
50% of all farming tokens will be distributed in the first 4 months.
The further 50% will be distributed over the following 8 months.
After one year all $ELE tokens will be distributed.
At present farming rewards for providing liquidity to the ELE-BNB pool on Pancake Swap will receive a higher weighting of ELE rewards. This is to help incentivise liquidity to the pair as new users come to the platform.
Other pools will carry some bonus weighting as more vaults are added to the platform, weighting may also be reduced. This will be reflected on the website and communicated through our social channels.
Last modified 6mo ago
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