ELE-BNB LP Farming
ELE-BNB LP V2 (for the pool that 'Uses pancakeswap') farming is a little different to farming and using other vaults on Eleven Finance. This pool takes LP tokens directly from PancakeSwap.finance and they can be staked directly in our farm.
In return for doing this ELE-BNB LP providers get boosted ELE returns.
Select liquidity from the menu on the left hand side. Then add liquidity, adding 50% value of BNB and ELE. In return you will get a Pancakeswap V2 LP token. With this in your wallet, return to the farming page of Eleven Finance. Selecting the ELE-BNB pool that 'Uses pancakeswap'
Here ELE-BNB LP in your wallet will be shown above the 'Balance' row. Expanding this row, by clicking on it bring up the below:
Here you can approve and deposit these pancakeswap LPs and they will move to the 'Staked' column. Earned ELE will be displayed on the right and can be harvested at any time by selecting the 'Harvest' button.
Please noted if you add more LP's or withdraw LP's your 'Earned ELE' will be automatically harvested.
We currently have an additional ELE-BNB Vault. That 'Uses waultswap', this incentivised people suppling liquidity to this pair on WaultSwap. This works similar to any of our other vaults with regard to the depositing and staking process, as well as the WaultSwap fee structure.
Last modified 6mo ago
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