ELE Tokenomics
Token distribution
The ELE token is distributed in the following way:
Total ELE supply — 11,000,000 tokens
Real ELE total supply — 8,117,630 tokens. Total supply has been reduced by 2,882,370 due to pre-sale not reaching hard cap, as a result these tokens have been burnt. See links below to these burn transactions:
Presale —20 % — 2,022,624 Tokens
Farming — 67.5% —4,950,000 Tokens - distributed over one year from the launch of the platform, 50% of all farming tokens will be distributed in the first 4 months. The further 50% will be distributed over the following 8 months. After one year all ELE tokens will be distributed.
Initial Pancakeswap liquidity provided —5% — 595,006 Tokens
Dev fee — 7.5% —550,000 Tokens
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