An introduction to Eleven Finance.
Eleven Finance is a platform empowering high APY vaults in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Our platform with a focus on being fast moving and community will offer a dynamic and broad range of vaults to provide our users with optimised yield strategies.
As the Decentralised Finance (defi) world grows, the search for the best yield grows with it. From the birth of the ‘Grandfather’ of yield optimisation, Yearn Finance, the space has seen a growing number of options for defi participants in search of the best returns.
Alongside this, Binance Smart Chain has seen exponential growth since its launch in late 2020. It has brought fast and cheap transactions to a growing number of platform users. In turn this has resulted in an explosion of defi protocols on the platform, that have brought with them countless opportunities for yield.
It has now also helped bring Eleven Finance into the world. Our vaults will initially utilise liquidity provider tokens from the ecosystems most popular exchange, As further opportunities for yield present themselves in the BSC ecosystem our vaults will adapt to take advantage of these. Users staking these tokens in our vaults will be able to take advantage of our yield optimisation strategies and enjoy fantastic returns.
Last modified 8mo ago
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